8 Years Of Facebook – A Retrospective

Facebook has come a long way since its early days from starting out of a Harvard dorm room. The name  Facebook itself almost defines social media and is the go to standard for social networking nowadays. Today is the day that the social networking site turns 8 years old.  8 years of solid development and continuous expansion of its influence and userbase.

Looking back over the 8 year period shows how much has been accomplished by Zuck and his team. I can’t help but remember the line from the movie “The social network” that “….they don’t have roads but they have facebook”.


Facebook started out as very small, almost a one man production from a student’s dormroom. It was initially meant for college students who wanted to take the whole college experience online. The kings of social networking at that time were the likes of Friendster and Myspace, little did they know that facebook would give a run for their money, or “The Facebook” as it was called back then.


The following picture shows how facebook looked back in 2005, the early days of its inception. A lot of its user base was gained late 2007, that’s the time that it had already gone through a few redesigns and really threatened to overtake as the biggest social network.


Around 2008, Facebook started to introduce new services such as Facebook chat, which was rolled out in 2008, introduction of messages and the@facebook.com email address, and as of 2011 the latest redesign involving the Timeline and integration with Skype for Video chat.

Amid, all this development, Facebook was staying away from an IPO, that is until 1st Feb 2012 when Facebook officially filed for the IPO with the securities and exchange commission of the US. Valued at almost 100$ billion, the IPO is expected to rake in almost 5$ billion, the biggest for a technology company. Ever!

Facebook has made so much inroads in our society that it is now used as a very powerful in political activism, as witnessed in the Arab spring last year. More and more politicians utilize it for their campaigns. It’s hard to believe where it all started from when you look at it in retrospective.

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