Ads for iCloud Siri and iphone 4S Camera Aired By Apple

Apple’ s advertisements also adhere to the company’s policy of keeping everything simple, sleek and attractive as their products like the recently released iPhone 4S, iPod 2 and the iPod touch. The latest to come out of apple is a couple of advertisements specifically for the iPhone 4s’s main strengths, i.e advertisements for iCloud, the cloud storage service, the latest 8 megapixel camera and the best of them all, Siri the personal voice assistant.



iphone 4s

While the ads of the iPhone 4S itself have been doing the rounds on the tube since the launch of the iPhone 4s itself, these advertisements are geared towards highlighting the main strengths of the iPhone 4S. Not that the iPhone 4S needs marketing to boost it’s sales, as it is pretty much on every one’s wish list, and has already broken the sales record of all the previous iPhone models sold by apple.

What seems likely is that apple intends to remove any doubts in the minds of people who might be wondering about the benefits of buying an iPhone 4S when it looks exactly the same as compared to the iPhone 4.

The first ad below shows the capabilities of the online syncing abilities of Apple’s hot new iCloud service, capable on syncing all your photos, contacts reminders and whatnot to an free online 5Gb of storage. All that is associated with your single apple account.

The ad for iPhone 4 camera shows the impressive capabilities of the iPhone 4s camera, which is pretty good indeed. People who don’t like chugging along both a camera and a smartphone can benefit form this iPhone 4s’s amazing camera as the results that it generates are really good.

The last ad that apple has come up with is for the biggest feature and the most productive. Siri personal assistant is the new revolutionary voice recognition technology which is currently not available in any other smartphone. Sure Google has had voice recognition in their android handsets for quite some time but this is really advanced and is more like a personal assistant than just a voice recognition software.

These ads for iPhone 4S shall serve to help people in making decisions whether they actually need the iPhone4s or that they are content with their previous iPhone4 or any other phone. Nevertheless it show’s the strength of apple’s marketing and are sure to benefit the company as far as sales are concerned.

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