Apple Reportedly Working On A 50 Inch HDTV Dubbed The iTV

The speculations have been rife and and people have been saying “This is inevitable” ( sounds kinda like Agent smith from The Matrix) about it for quite some time now. We are of course talking about Apple’s rumored foray into the world of High Definition digital televisions, quite unsurprisingly¬† dubbed as the iTV.

We have heard alot that one of the last products that Steve Jobs worked on before his death was a prototype of a high definition TV, and claimed to have finally perfected and cracked the enigma to truly revolutionize the television industry and come out with a revolutionary product. And the latest rumors also indicate that Apple’s chief designer, Johnny Ive is also working on the design of a big 40″ high definition television.

apple itv

In order for it to be truly unique, Apple may leverage their current highly successful technologies such as Siri the voice recognizing personal assistant seen in the iPhone 4s, or the high definition retina display technology for an impeccable display. An apple processor based on the A5 architecture so that they could give it an iOS like interface and take advantage of the millions of Applications on their Appstore, that and applications developed specifically for the iTV, that could be run on the television.

All of this if executed properly could certainly proclaim the demise of the television as we know it, and revolutionize the industry.

These rumors may or may not be true but they would certainly keep major players in the television market on their toes, seeing as Apple has a knack of conquering markets and squeezing the profits of competing manufacturers, kinda like the way they did it to the cellphone industry when they first came out with the Apple iPhone.

This time however, it seems that the likes of Samsung and Sony, the bigwig HDTV manufacturers, are in no mood to be caught off guard, seeing as the Consumer electronics show the CES 2012 is just around the corner, and it sure will be interesting how they react to the challenge.

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