Complete My Season Pass A Welcome Addition On iTunes

Complete My Season

A feature that has been sorely missed by the millions of iTunes users has been the ability to compete seasons of popular TV shows. The iTunes store does boast a huge catalog of shows that many people like to purchase their favorite shows from. People usually buy episodes of their favorite TV shows individually, and if at any time they decide to complete the season of a particular show they had to purchase every episode separately,–uptill now that is.

complete my season

Called as “complete my season pass” it is similar to “complete my album” feature that exists for music downloaders from the iTunes store. On an iTunes store listing this new complete my season pass feature has been added and essentially lets users who already own  a few episodes of a particular season to complete their season without essentially repurchasing the already owned and purchased episodes. Not only this but the complete my season feature gets you a discounted price for the overall purchase of the season.

Complete my album feature had been available for music purchasers for a long time now and its only logical and wise that apple has introduced this for their media offering too, consequently standing to gain from this clever move.

The addition of this feature has been met with much appreciation and is a welcome addition into Apple iTunes store. Go check it out yourself!

  • mikey


  • been waiting for this for ages

  • finally they get it right

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