What Is Cydia Download? What Is Cydia?— Everything You Need To Know About Cydia

So you heard your mates talking about Cydia Download and heard them talking about jailbreaking their iPhones and you wondered what the hell they were talking about, well worry no more my friend! As you have come to the right place to learn about what is cydia, what are cydia downloads, how does cydia work and how to download cydia.

What Is Cydia?

So what is cydia and what does it really do? To explain about cydia you should have a little knowledge first about what jailbreaking is. You  can  check out our comprehensive jailbreaking basics post to familiarize yourself with the topic.

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So cydia is an application that is installed when you jailbreak your iPhone. This is THE application that lets you truly get the maximum out of your iPhone by customizing with various jailbreak tweaks and third party applications.

Cydia Download

Apple doesn’t let to have access to all parts of your iPhone’s storage, and by default a small portion of your iPhone or iPad’s storage is reserved for system files and this is locked so that no changes can be made to these files.

Cydia lets you overcome this barrier and have complete access to the system files. So now you can truly customize your iPhone via many tweaks that can be installed in cydia.

 Why To Download Cydia?

So you want to change themes? Cydia lets you do just that by providing you with a host of both free and paid theme options that you can use. You can install apps like you-tube downloader that lets you download videos off YouTube and save then on your iPhone. If you don’t like the animation of menus on your iPhone, you can even change that.

The possibilities are endless and cydia would let you customize your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is ways that previously you thought unimaginable. The cydia download section is filled with lots of free goodies!

How TO Download Cydia?

To download cydia you dont have to purchase it or get a subscription. In-fact, in order to get cydia, you would have to first jailbreak your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch. You can do that by means of tools such as redsn0w.

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Redsn0w is a really simple, easy to use and powerful tool for both windows and mac. This tool will install cydia in your iPhone when you use it to jailbreak your iPhone.

Cydia Compatibility With The Appstore?

Cydia is in ways like Apple’s iTunes Appstore. There are many wonderful apps and tweaks that have been made available for download in cydia download section by talented developers, and most of them are free, however there are a lot of premium paid apps and tweaks to choose from, that can be purchased.

The best thing about cydia is that you can use it along with Apple’s appstore and it in no way clashes or causes compatibility issues with the appstore

Piracy On Cydia

It is possible to download cracked applications and games off cydia that you would normally have to pay for. Having said that, it is highly suggested that such practices should be avoided as piracy is theft and it hurts the developers who put in a lot of their money and time to make these applications for us.

Will Cydia Run On Any iPhone ipad or ipod Touch?

You can download cydia on almost any iPhone. Even if you have an old iPhone 2G you can install cydia on it. You can jailbreak and install update on your iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod touch 4G. However there are some versions that can’t be jailbroken or have a tethered jailbreak such as iPhone 4S running the latest iOS 5.0.1.

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This is because they run on the new Apple A5 processor and an untethered jailbreak is still under development for these models, although alternatives do exist for these models. But rest assured they will be pwned in due course.

Something on your mind?

So there you have it! It is extremely easy to download cydia and take advantage of the wonderful features that it offers. Jailbreaking is a very active community that constantly churns out new and fascinating apps on a regular basis and you can have a lot of fun tinkering around with cydia downloads and your beloved iPhone.

If still there is something that you would like to know about, just leave a comment or shoot us an email and we will answer your query as soon as possible.

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