What Is iPhone DFU Mode ? Learn How To Put iPhone In DFU Mode

DFU Mode iPhone

Ever wondered what DFU mode iPhone means? You might have come across phrases such as putting iPhone in DFU mode or the iPhone restore mode while trying or learning to jailbreak your iPhone. Putting iPhone in DFU mode basically means to force the iPhone into restore mode so that it can interact with iTunes without loading the iPhone operating system. Now you might be wondering about the difference between putting the iPhone in DFU mode and simply launching iPhone recovery mode. The main difference is that the boot loader and the operating system do not load in iPhone DFU mode when trying to restore an iPhone, but it does so in the regular iTunes iPhone restore mode.


put iphone in dfu mode

What is DFU mode is used for

The letters DFU stand for device firmware upgrade, and as the name suggests DFU mode iPhone is used when someone wants to change or upgrade the firmware of their iDevice. DFU mode iPhone is usually used when a user wants to jailbreak their device and that usually requires an upgrade or downgrade to the iPhone firmware or the installation of a custom firmware. So for example if you wanted toupgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS 6 and wanted to jailbreak iOS 6, then you would have two put iPhone in DFU mode before you can progress further.

Put iPhone in DFU mode

It’s quite simple to enter DFU mode iPhone and it’s quite easy to get a hang of the process once you have done it a couple of times, however if you are using a jailbreaking tool such as Redsn0w, then you can also benefit from the on-screen instructions shown by redsn0w to put iPhone in DFU mode. But putting iPhone in DFU mode is an essential jailbreaking skill to learn so we have listed the exact steps you need to follow to enter DFU mode iPhone.

dfu mode iphone

Step 1: Connect your iPhone and open up the iTunes software. Now you have to turn your iPhone of while it is plugged in

Step 2: Now you have two press the power button at the top and the home button at the same time together for 10 seconds. This is the crucial step for DFU mode iPhone. Once the 10 seconds are up, keep holding down the home button and release the power button.

Step 3: Keep on pressing down on the home button and wait for a message to appear in iTunes which tells you that iTunes has detected an iPhone recovery mode.

If you followed all the steps correctly then you have successfully entered in DFU mode iPhone and your screen should be completely blank. The blank screen is what verifies and confirms that we have put iPhone in DFU mode. If you see anything on the iPhone such as a restore logo, then that means that you only managed to enter the standard recovery mode iPhone and not the DFU mode iPhone, so the process would have to be run again.

Exit DFU mode iPhone

Now if you were able to successfully enter DFU mode iPhone and wanted to exit DFU mode iPhone, then you simply have to press down the power button and the home button for around 10 to 15 seconds while you are connected to iTunes. This will turn off your device. And then to reboot, press the power button as usual to boot back up.

As  I mentioned before, DFU mode iPhone is usually used when trying to jailbreak iPhone, an example of that might be putting iPhone 3G DFU mode to jailbreak it or even unlocking it for that matter. So if you find yourself tinkering quite frequently with your iPhone, then learning the process of DFU mode iPhone is a good thing as this is something that you will do quite frequently when jailbreaking and unlocking your devices such as iPhone, iPad or the iPod touch.

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