How To Download Flappy Bird Online From Computer

Given the immense popularity of flappy Bird, it came as a surprise to many people when the developer decided to take the application down from the app store; despite the fact that Flappy Bird was amongst some of the most chart-topping applications at that time. As Flappy Bird has been taken down from the store, the application may not be available on it anymore. Here are some methods that would let you download flappy Bird on your phone again.

online flappy bird

Download Flappy birds for iOS:

If you had downloaded it initially but then deleted it then it’s really simple as all you have to do to download flappy bird is to go on to iTunes and restore the app via your apple account. If you were late to the party and you hadn’t downloaded it at all, then i am afraid there is no legitimate way of reinstalling onto an iOS device in the form of a stand-alone install.

Hence the only way you be able to download flappy Bird on an iOS device is by jailbreaking your phone and installing the app downloaded from one of the many resources on the internet. (The condonement of piracy is strong with this one).

 Download Flappy Bird for Android:

Just like iTunes you can also download flappy Bird from the “My apps” section on Google play store and Google play will restore it just like in iOS. If you did not download the app before the developer had taken it down than you would have to download the APK from any of the plethora of resources available on the Internet.

Just download the APK and transfer the APK package to your android Phone. Then use any file explorer such as Astro File Manager and install the APK. However do make sure that you are downloading the APK from a trustworthy site as ain’t no shortage of malware infested files on the interwebz.

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