Download iOS 7.0.6 And Update To Fix SSL Security Flaw

Download iOS 7.0.6: The latest version of iOS has been released by Apple and you can download iOS 7.0.6 right now from the links provided. This update is available as both a download and over the air update, so you can either update from your phone directly or you can download via iTunes and install it through your PC or Mac.

Download iOS 7.0.6

This latest version of iOS is basically to fix a security flaw in the SSL connection verification that was discovered and the patch seems to have fixed the flaw that plagued iOS 7.0.5. Since security is a paramount concern of people nowadays this latest version of iOS 7.0.6 would undoubtedly be received well by people.

As we have been receiving reports that iOS 7.1 is actually really close to an official release so I guess it would be safe to assume that this would be the last iteration of iOS before the big one is released. However since the SSL connection issue seems to have been acknowledged as a rather important one by Apple then I guess it’s better to download and run this latest patch so that all things run as smoothly as possible.


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