Facebook Timeline Is Now On Facebook App For iPhone Via Free Update

Facebook Timeline

Not so long ago facebook showcased their new “timeline” feature in their latest developers conference the “F8” which takes place every year. What this new feature does is that it completely scrapes your history on facebook, from the time you joined it and scrapes all your content that you shared such as your photos and tags, your status updates and relationship updates and turns it into one mega profile for your friends and followers to see.


While this Facebook timeline feature has not been rolled out across the whole of facebook, but it gradually will as as facebook spreads it out according to their plans. But for those who have been lucky enough to receive it early have generally positive views of it.

facebook timeline app

Now facebook has updated their iphone and ipod applications to accomodate this new feature. You can update your current application by grabbing the update from the apple appstore.

The notable changes aside from this are stated below

Friend list support

The latest friend management is a leaf that has been taken out of Google +’s book by Facebook and is now configurable via your iOS device

better photo management

The improvements regarding photo management include faster loading times and enhanced commenting ease and a overall faster and better layout

Subscription management

The new subscription feature is similar to an rss feed except that this feed is not of a blog or a website but of the people and pages that you follow. They can now be managed by your iOS device.

This update has been made basically to accommodate the latest changes that has been carried out by Facebook. While Apple iPhone and iPod users can grab it for free right now, iPad users would have to wait for some time as it has not been made available for iPad yet.

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