Best Free EPUB Readers For Windows Mac And Online

Best And Free EPub Readers:

Epub reader is an electronic reader which is used for electronically published books I.e. your standard e-books. There are many free and best epub reader solutions available that you can benefit from. EPub is the format in which the electronically published books are formatted, just as Microsoft office has its .pptx format for PowerPoint and .pdf for pdf files. This format of electronic publishing is used by major publishers such as Barnes and noble who have their own epub reader in the form of the NOOK device and amazon with their kindle.

Now you may prefer the warm touch and the musky smell of a paper book in place of a digital epub reader, but that does not mean that you have no other option when it comes to reading e-books. Below are some of the services including online services that you can use in place of an epub reader to read e-books.


free epub reader

EPUBReader is one of the easiest ways to read e-books online. It is a Firefox browser add-on that you can download from Mozilla add-ons directory and install it into your Firefox installation and use as a free epub reader. EPUBReader will let you open the EPUB file just like as if you are opening a PDF file and it will open the e-book in your browser just like opening a PDF file. IT is extremely simple to use and functional as well.

Stanza for Mac:

stanza mac

Just like EPUBReader for Firefox, Stanza is a next best epub reader software package that you can use to fulfil all your e-book needs. Stanza can do a lot of things for you. This is an EPUB reader as well as a converter, so that means that you can use it to convert your e-book’s into a lot different formats including Microsoft doc and the PDF formats. You can also use it to save your bookmarks while you’re reading through your e-book’s collections and that is always a good thing to have in any reader. Stanza is available for Mac only.

MobiPocket Reader or Windows:

mobipocker reader

MobiPocket is a software package for windows similar to stanza for mac. Not only is MobiPocket a good EPUB reader but also it is a great e-book organiser and is extremely simple and easy to use and is a great tool to organise all your e-book’s in one place with the option of saving your bookmarks and notes.


bookworm epub reader

So the final one we will be covering is called Bookworm which is an online service that you can use to read the e-books instead of buying a digital EPUB reader like the nook or the Amazon Kindle. It is a leading online platform for all your e-book needs and the best thing about it is that it is an online service so you can use it on any device that you can use to connect to the Internet, so basically your e-book collection is on the cloud. Bookworm is a free service so that is an added advantage.

So there you have it folks these are some of the most commonly used and popular EPUB readers that you can use and benefit from. The services range from software solutions to online retailers to browser add-ons and now you have the option of choosing the one that is most suitable to your needs so the one that you select is entirely dependent on your preferences. Choose the one that you find best and let the community know of your experience in the comments below.

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