Make GoDaddy Scum Bleed! You Can Make A Contribution Against SOPA Even If You Dont Own A Domain

Godaddy said that they have stopped supporting SOPA but certainly stopped short against saying they were against it. It’s like saying we don’t want to screw the internet but if it does get’s screwed, Hey shit happens!

Even with the mass exodus that Godaddy witnessed when about 70,000 paying customers left Godaddy with their domains, practically¬† the effect is more like a small sting than a stab at the heart that we are are trying to make Godaddy feel. That’s because 50 million domains that are managed by GoDaddy is a mammoth number.

godaddy sopa

Competing registrars were quick to point out that Godaddy was interfering with the transferring of domains by leaving customers to other registrars, in an attempt to slow down the exodus of customers while they try to contain the damage

The internet as we know it might change forever if scum like Godaddy get SOPA approved which they helped draft themselves. We MUST step up our efforts against Godaddy and other companies who support the bill. You can help by hurting them where it hurts them the most. Their wallets.


Its extremely simple. All you have to do is type “Godaddy” or “web hosting” in Google search and you will find GoDaddy’s paid Ads listing at the very top of the search results page that links GoDaddy’s website. Each time someone clicks that link, Godaddy has to pay some money for that.

The keyword “webhosting” costs around approximately 10 dollars per click. Imagine if you clicked on Godaddy’s ads 10 times, which would take less than a minute, you can cause them a loss of more than 100 dollars! Add to that equation the rest of the people on the internet and betcha’ Godaddy’s CEO would feel a chill running down his spine.

Share this as much as you can if you truly believe that the internet should be free and help to defeat the Scum like GoDaddy.


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