Will Google Nexus 10 Be made by HTC?

It seems that HTC will partner up with Google for the upcoming rumored nexus 10. HTC was last rumored to be pairing up with Google when Google was looking for a manufacturer to make the first Nexus tablet however HTC reportedly turned down that offer. Since then Google has teamed up with Asus who have manufactured both generations of the Nexus 7 tablet. HTC was responsible for the nexus one smartphone which was one of the early Nexus devices offered by Google.




Now HTC did make a foray into the tablet market during the early days of 2011.HTC came about with devices such as the Flyer which was a 7 inch android tablet and the jetstream which was a 10 inch tablet. However to HTC’s dismay, both the devices failed to make any significant impact on the market and both were considered DOA at best. Since then HTC has failed to come up with a decent contender in the android tablet market. One might think that given the success of last year’s flagship HTC ONE which was critically lauded and considered one of the best designed smartphones of 2013, HTC might have made tablet capable of making a serious dent in the market. But maybe this partnership with Google can be fruitful for the currently ailing HTC.

Some of the major manufacturing companies  such as Samsung, LG and Asus are rumored to be considered by Google as a manufacturing partner. However sources suggest that Google is looking to go in a different direction altogether by aiming for a bigger Nexus 8 tablet so that by moving in a different category, Google may avoid competing directly with the deluge of cheaper android tablets.

  • Robert Trance

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