3 Effective Ways To Use #Hashtags On Facebook

Hashtags On Facebook – 3 Effective Ways To Utilize Hashtags On Facebook:

Hashtags on Facebook: Love them or hate them it is true that hashtags are the most efficient way of looking and searching through information as popularised by Twitter. jumping into conversations to add your two cents through hashtags have primarily been a Twitter thing as it was Twitter that really popularised the concept of hashtags and later the advent of instagram and other social networking sites making use of hashtags, people got so used to their addictiveness and usefulness that they using these hashtags even on sites that did not support hashtags *cough* Facebook *cough*.

But it seems that Facebook has finally realised that there is no way that it can stick to its guns of not supporting hashtags. Facebook has finally given in and has now added support of hashtags on facebook. Now these hashtags can be used in a variety of locations on Facebook including but not limited to status updates, photo captions, and posts and comments. The user can click on these hashtags and look for relating information similar to the way Google plus incorporates hashtags on its social network.

Hashtags on Facebook

We have taken this opportunity to tell you about some of the ways you can use these hashtags on facebook efficiently to look for information that you may want to look, or simply just efficiently utilize hashtags on Facebook.


There was a time Facebook did not even have support of mentions vis-a-vis Twitter and eventually added that support; which was does pretty well received and is going to be the case with hashtags on facebook as well. Now you have at your disposal both mentions and hashtags and you can use them to bring a dynamic feel to your posts and updates similar to twitter which makes it exciting and arguably the lack of such which makes Facebook a little dull.


Advertisers can take hashtags on facebook and utilise them for their ad campaigns. This way they can gain from additional viral traffic based on hashtags that have turned into popular topics by going viral this can be both good for advertisers and Facebook as well due to increased advertising revenue.


Even though Facebook is sitting on a goldmine when it comes to user data I have always found that the search capabilities have been abysmal at best. With the advent of social graph search and the partnership with Bing, things have improved but not as much as it has the capability to be great. However the advent of hashtags on facebook is a welcome addition to its search capabilities and users can now search for information based on hashtags, and interact with people easily with the help of these hashtags.

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