How To Restart Windows 8 Including Log Off, Shutdown And Sleep [Tutorial]

How Do I Restart Windows 8?

Restart Windows 8: As people have upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8, many of the users have been complaining on how to  restart windows 8 or sleep or reboot Windows 8 easily and quickly without a lot of hassle. The Windows GUI has remained mainly unchanged since Windows 95 up to the last iteration of Windows 7, but with the release of Microsoft Windows 8 which was built from the ground up keeping in mind the strong focus and shift to mobile from PC, hence the introduction of the Metro tiled interface that is synonymous with Windows 8.

The losing of the start button was another thing that did not go down well users as it was replaced by an interface that was primarily focused on an optimized experience for mobile and tablets. So that made it a lot more difficult to find the power options used to restart Windows 8 or shut down or sleep Windows 8. This guide is written to help you find your way around this new interface if you are new to it.

So there are three easy ways that you can use to restart Windows 8. The first one is to use the charm box which is a new feature in the new Windows 8 that has the power restart and log off buttons. You can access the chance bar pressing the win + C keys on the keyboard to load up the charm box.

Charms Menu:

As you can see from the image below once the charm box loads up, you can find the power button on it and you can use it to restart Windows 8 and shut down or sleep Windows 8.

charms menu


The second option is to use the Metro interface or the new start menu on Windows 8 to log off or lock the homescreen. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can log off and unlock Windows 8 by selecting the options given by clicking your username icon that drops a drop-down  list that you can use to select your desired option.

restart windows 8

Legacy Dialogue Box:

You can also use the legacy way of opening up a dialogue box by pressing the Alt + F4 keys on your keyboard. The dialogue box would let you select the options to either restart Windows 8 or shut down on log off from Windows 8.



Hope this little guide helps you out. If you have spent some time with Windows 8 and found out that you simply cannot live without the legacy start menu, then check out this guide about classic Shell which would let you to have the legacy start button along with the new Metro interface start menu on windows 8.

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