How To Change iOS 7 Keyboard Color With ColorY0urBoard

Change iOS 7 Keyboard Color with ColorY0urBoard:

Are you looking for a way to change the color of your keyboard on iOS 7 on your iPhone iPad or iPod touch? The latest jailbreak tweak called ColorY0urBoard lets you do just that.


How To Change iOS 7 Keyboard Color

When it comes to customization Android usually wins by a mile due to its inherently open source and developer friendly nature. As a result of that, it’s mostly easy to change the aspects of the operating system to your liking as you may please without necessarily breaking any TOS. That is a luxury not afforded by the people who use iOS due to Apple’s complete control over the operating system. Thus people have to resort to jailbreaking to gain that kind of functionality. Thankfully, the active jailbreaking community has made this a lot easier for people with jailbreak tweaks such as ColorY0urBoard.

ColorY0urBoard is a very simple jailbreak tweak which enables you to change the color of your keyboard without necessarily having to install a bloated theme. ColorY0urBoard presents you with a simple color wheel which you can use to select the hue of your choice and save it for instant effect.

ColorY0urBoard is as of now available as both a free option and a paid one, promising more features and functionality with upcoming new releases of the tool. You can get the paid version $1.99 from Cydia.

And of course, you will have to have a jailbroken iPhone to install a jailbreak tweak, so if you haven’t got a jailbroken iPhone yet, you can check out our detailed guides to do just that.

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