How To Fix Video Playback Lag In Safari On OS X

There is a problem that I have been noticing regarding Flash video playback in Safari browser on the OS X, especially when I play YouTube videos, as the playback of video gets quite laggy and choppish. Sometimes the lag is so much that I can barely watch a single video properly.

Initially I couldn’t figure out why this was happening and pondered if it would help to change browsers or to do a fresh install of Flash player, but fortunately I needn’t had to do all that as I found the solution to a problem after doing some quick Googling.


I have written down the steps below to fix safari lag during video playback, so that if anyone is facing the same problem, they can follow the steps to fix choppy video playback on safari. The process itself is extremely simple as you can see below.

Step one: Look for the Safari menu on the top of your browser and select “Reset Safari”. Make sure that you have selected all the options on the window displayed before you click the reset button

Step two: So basically Safari will close down now and open up again and in the process will delete all your cookies and cache data.

By following these steps, you will now hopefully be able to playback YouTube videos and other flash-based videos without lag and stutter.

So did this guide help you get rid of lag on safari on OS X? Please do let us know in the comments section below.

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