How To Restart Windows 8 Or Log Off And Shutdown Easily

How To Restart Windows 8:

If you are wondering how to restart, shutdown or log off Windows 8, then you probably would be new to Windows 8. With the debut of the new Metro interface introduced in Windows 8, it’s clear that Microsoft is embracing the reality of the post PC World. Evidently the Metro interface was developed with a mobile first strategy in mind, so that Microsoft may finally gain some traction in the mobile and tablet market.

how to restart windows 8

Charms menu

While that’s all well and good, the new Metro interface is actually a really big change from a more traditional Windows layout which naturally Windows users are more accustomed to. And because of this big change, people have been facing difficulty with and asking for ways on how to restart Windows 8 and shut down or sleep all log off Windows 8.

While this probably sounds quite trivial as restarting and shutting down a PC has to be one of the easiest things that you can do, but since Microsoft has changed so many different things with the new Metro interface, people have been having a hard time trying to get accustomed to it. So we have created this detailed tutorial on how to restart Windows 8 and also how to shut down or log off Windows 8.

Charms Menu:

Most of the new settings have been placed in a vertical bar called a Charms menu. There are two ways through which you can access the Charms menu to restart windows 8. You can either press the Win + C keys or you can hover your mouse over the right edge of the screen and the Charms menu will automatically pop out. Then just click the settings button which will show you the power button. Right click on the power button to reveal the drop down menu and select your desired function from that to shut down, log off or restart Windows 8.

How To Restart Windows 8

How To Restart Windows 8

Another direct way of opening up the settings menu is by pressing the Win + I keys and you will be able to directly open the menu with the power options. You can also log off from the Metro interface by clicking on your profile name and selecting log off from the drop-down menu.

Well there you have it. Now you have learned exactly how to restart windows 8, which it turns out is not difficult at all, and you will get used to the changes in the OS over time.

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