HTC One 2014 With Dual Camera Leaked In Press Image

HTC One 2014 is one of the most hotly anticipated smartphone in this new year. A leaked image Indicates that HTC is well on track to release its flagship in the first quarter of this year and the overall design takes on with the critically acclaimed HTC One of last year.

The image form evleaks shows the HTC One 2014 in a Gold/Champagne colored aluminium unishell with the HTC blinkfeed from last year adorning its homescreen. Cleary HTC is following the Mantra of “If it ain’t broken Dont Fix” as the design cues from the beautiful aluminium shell and the Speaker grill on the front are all reminiscent of last years widely praised HTC One. An interesting point to note is that the date on the homescreen in this press image appears to be the same as the one on which HTC one 2014 is rumored to be officially unveiled.

HTC one 2014

The image also confirms the inclusion of the  rumored Dual camera setup complete with a dual LED Flash. HTC’s track record has been a little different when it comes to cameras in their smartphones. Last year, while the likes of major players such as Samsung, Nokia and Sony etc were busy in pushing through the megapixel count and using that as a marketing ploy to tout heir device’s imaging prowesses, HTC decided to follow a different route by coming out with something that they called the ULTRAPIXEL camera which was basically a bigger sensor that offered improved low light performance but was limited to 4 MP resolution.

While the response of the HTC ONE’s imaging capabilities were generally favorable but not without its criticisms, HTC seems to be following the same route by sticking with Ultrapixel but improving upon it by offering dual camera module touting enhanced refocusing capabilities

Another major change that can be noticed in the leaked image is the lack of the physical capacitive buttons one the HTC One 2014. This could very well mean that the screen size could also have been increased from last year’s model

It’s exciting to see how the HTC One 2014 is received this time around as even though the HTC one from last year is still considered one of the best Android flagships currently available in the market right now, the flagship android market is extremely competitive with great contenders from the major players. It remains to be seen if the lack of any radical new features in the HTC one 2014 are perceived as “Resting on laurels” by the fans and the market.

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