iOS 7 Beta 3 Now Available: New Features And Bug Fixes

iOS 7 beta 3 has now been released approximately 2 weeks after iOS 7 beta 2 was released to developers. IOS 7 beta 3 is now available to the developers and can be downloaded over the air through the software update feature in iOS if you are already running iOS 7 beta 2

AS with the seed of every new iOS beta, iOS 7 beta 3 brings with it a host of new features that are added  based on what the consumers demand and what can enhance the experience overall of iOS 7; This is the first iOS version headed by Apple’s Johnny Ive who has traditionally only worked on the hardware side of Apples industrial design.

ios 7 beta 3

IOS 7 beta 3 also brings with it a host of bug fixes, as these beta builds help to iron out the bugs in each iteration of iOS before the final build is released to the public.

Some new features in iOS 7 beta 3 include updates to the user interface and commonly used applications such as the music application, new additions to the accessibility features and also some much-needed tweaks to the whole application eco-system really, such as tweaking  the UI of iOS 7,  commonly used applications such as the reminders app, calendar, FaceTime and the likes.

The popular voice Assistant Siri has also been given a fresh update with several enhancements on making it sound more realistic than before. The update also includes SIRI’s ability to provide more relevant results when given the search query and improved voice recognition capabilities.

You can download iOS 7 beta 3 from Apple’s developer site, but of course you will have to do have a developer account to be able to do so. The final iOS 7 build is expected to be released to the public this fall.

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