iOS Market Share Dwindles as Android gains in Q3 2011

iOS Market Share

While the iphone 4s might be the most desireable smartphone on the market right now, a latest study reveals that apples propetiary sofware for iPhone, iPad and iTouch the iOS is actually losing market share! How is this even possible you might say?! When was the last time you didn’t spot an iDevice in one of your mates hands? Let me tell you what’s eating  Apple iOS market share.

The fact is that Google’s Android is turning out to be a tough adversary for Apple and it’s iOS market share. One reason that Android has a bigger market share than Apple’s iOS market share is that Apple is the lone vendor for it’s products which are exclusive, While Android is the choice of operating system for the likes of big smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG and the likes. as it is open source.

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Even nokia is showing a little promise with it’s recent debut of Lumia handsets that they have bought out with a partnership with microsoft and their Windows mobile Smartphone operating system, which if it gets popular could further hurt iOS market share.

Study shows decline in Apple iOS market share as Apple sold close to 17.3 million iPhones in the last quarter of 2011. This number looks meek in comparison of total combined sales of  Android handsets that stand at 60 Million.  Both account for 15 percent and 52 percent of the marketshare respectively for the last quarter of the current year.

Android’s growing popularity is reflected by the sales numbers which are really really good. But things are not all bright and sunny for Nokia and Research in Motion, Makers of the Popular Blackberry brand of smart-phones.


While Nokia with it’s Symbian is still the number 2 manufacturer in the world, that is just because of the huge sale of low end Symbian phones that they sell specially to the Asian markets. RIM with fewer new innovations compiles with recent e-mail server blow-outs is fast losing it’s popularity amongst the masses.

Even though iOS market share is lower, Apple is still the company which has the single most sales as an individual, surely a feather in it’s cap.

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