iPod Completes It’s Ten Year Cycle Today

looking back over the last decade, it’s pretty awe-inducing that the iPod was not only able to hold its own, but also still reigns as the most popular portable digital music player. 10 years is a lot of time in the current fast-paced world where constant innovation and research churns out the latest and greatest to compete against one another in the increasingly cutthroat consumer market. In fact the iPod was the stepping stone for Apple to the status of super-stardom that it so enjoys. Had it not been for iPod’s success, Apple would probably have still been a niche computer boutique for a handful of enthusiasts.


The music industry was revolutionized in the true sense with the advent of iTunes as it ushered people towards the digital music trend. Back then there was no solid platform to provide people with an option to purchase online music, shows and whatnot, things which are taken for granted today. That was iTunes biggest strength, as it gave people what they wanted and that to at a time when there was no heavyweight contender. Apple was able to understand that opportunity and capitalize on it they did! With evolution of iPod and the iTunes hand in hand, both gained a prestigious reputation and laid the foundation for Apple’s success.

Take a look at the video below to see Steve Jobs unveil the iPod for the first time, and see how much ground the iPod and the Company itself has covered

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