Jailbreak iOS 6 With Evasion On Windows [Tutorial]

Jailbreak iOS 6 With Evasi0n For Windows:

Jailbreak iOS 6: This tutorial will teach you to jailbreak iOS 6 your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This is a detailed step by step tutorial to jailbreak for iOS 6 untethered. We have published a series of tutorials covering the jailbreak processes of all the iterations of iOS that apple churns out. This one is particularly for jailbreak iOS 6 untethered so if you are still running iOS 6 on your iPhone, then this tutorial is for you. This will also work for iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.1.

jailbreak ios 6

However if u are on iOS 6.1.3 do check out our detailed tutorial on how to jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 untethered.  This tutorial that you are reading now is for windows users and would work on any version of windows that you might be running. We have posted a separate version for mac users and you might want to check that out here.


Before we begin the process to jailbreak for the iOS 6, here are some of the prerequisites:

  • Download the latest version of Evasi0n. The download links are given at the end of the post.
  • Ensure that you have disabled the passcode lock as this has been known to cause problems with the jailbreak iOS 6 Evasion process.

Step 1: Extract the evasi0n file that you just downloaded and run the program. You can also run by right clicking evasion.exe and selecting run as administrator if you are having problems starting the program.

Step 2: When you have plugged in your device, evasi0n will detect it and jailbreak ios 6 process can be initiated by clicking the Jailbreak button on evasion.

Step 3:  Evasion will now take over the process of jailbreaking your device and you just have to wait while it automatically runs multiple steps that it is programmed to do for you so that you can jailbreak iOS 6 untethered. This might take a couple of minutes so just wait it out while Evasion does it all for you. Simple innit?

Step 4: You will now be asked to unlock your device by sliding the lock bar. There should be an icon named “jailbreak” on your homescreen. Make sure to only tap the icon once. Once you have done that, the screen will go blank while processes the remaining steps for jailbreaking for iOS 6.

Step 5: While the process continues, you might notice that your iPhone reboots a couple of times. Let it be and do not mess with it as it may screw things up for you.

Step 6: Once the jailbreak 6.0 iOS process completes, it would  say as “done” on the program. When its done rebooting you should now be able to see the Cydia logo on your Homescreen.


And voila! Easy as taking candy from a baby. (Whatever that means). You chilled while Evasi0n did all the work for you. Might wanna show your appreciation by donating to the developers who do all this work for the jaibreaking community pro bono.

You have now successfully achieved jailbreak ios 6 untethered for iPhone 4s, 5 iPad and iPod variations. Do leave a comment below if you need help with anything and dont forget to share and like this post if you found it helpful.



Latest version of Evasion for Windows Here.

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