Jailbreak iPad 3 iOS 5.1 Has Been Achieved And To Be Released Soon

Looks like that the jailbreak wonder-team has done it again, and there’s just no stopping them. Just mere hours after the official release of the new iPad (unofficially called as the iPad 3), MuscleNerd of iPhone-Dev Team tweeted pictures of a jailbroken iPad 3. Well how about that! A couple of hours the iPad 3 goes on sale an it gets jailbroken already! All of this is possible due to the work put in by the jailbreak developing community, having the likes of Musclenerd, Stefan Esser, better known as  “i0n1c” and countless others that work to find every exploit to jailbreak the iPad.

jailbreak ipad 3 5.1

After MuscleNerd, Stefan also confirmed the existance of a jailbeak for the iPad 3 via a twitter update. Now this does not mean that the jailbreak has actually been released for the iPad 3, it just means that they have found the exploit they were looking for to patch that with limera1n and gain access to the the kernel to jailbreak it. But since this is the actual hard part which has already been done, so now an easy to use jailbreaking utility to jailbreak iPad 3 on iOS 5.1 would be released soon for the general public.

So those of you have bought an iPad 3, you can rest assured that an untethered jailbreak for your beloved iDevice might just come sooner than you think. In-fact looks like apple made it pretty easy for jailbreakers this time around, as developers found not one, but three exploits in iOS 5.1 that can be used for jailbreaking purposes. So that is pretty great news as far as an iPad 3 jailbreak concerned. And that is one of the reasons that an untethered ipad 3 jailbreak has been developed so quickly. It took ages to find an exploit for the A5 Apple iPad 2.

So don’t forget to check back in a couple of days to see whether the official release package has been made available to the developers. Most probably it would be an updated version of Redsn0w. You would be able to downland it for free from here when it comers out.

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