Samsung To Introduce Premium Galaxy S5 Lineup With Aluminium Body And 2K Display

The galaxy S5 was recently unveiled at the Mobile World Congress and the response towards it has been lacklustre so far. The response ranges from absolute disgust to more of a collective “meh” than effervescent praise; and perhaps that’s something that Samsung surprisingly believed wouldn’t happen with the new galaxy S5. Because let’s face it: That thing is hideous. And the UI looks as bloated as always.


With reports coming out that Samsung is evidently readying a new premium version of the Galaxy S5, I think it signifies that Samsung has realized that their Competitors such as Sony and HTC take Design and user experience more seriously as compared to the Samsung approach which seems to be more focused on leveraging their enormous supply chain and marketing budget to boost profits by  basically offering a phone which takes a “everything but the kitchen sink” approach with regards to specifications and gimmicks and not so much of an effort on things that matter; like design and user experience.

So perhaps Samsung has finally realized that it’s probably the time to change their strategy in face of their competition that is coming up with drop dead gorgeous devices such as the Sony Xperia Z2 and the upcoming new HTC One M8.

The latest report suggests that Samsung is planning a new premium luxury lineup of their smartphones dubbed as the F series. This line-up is supposed to address one of the biggest qualms with Samsung phones by finally using high end materials such as an aluminium and glass. Reportedly the F lineup will feature an aluminium shell with an even bigger display and a bump in the specs as well, most probably in the form of a faster Samsung quad core Exynos processor and increased Ram size.

If Samsung has indeed decided to pursue this strategy, then expect to see both a premium and regular version of their other popular offerings such as the Galaxy Note.

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