Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specifications Announced By Samsung

We are here with the latest updates regarding the Samsung Galaxy note 3 specs. You have might heard speculations and rumors about the possible specifications of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy note 3; however the complete specifications have now been confirmed by Samsung itself.  Hit the break to read on further regarding this story.

The Samsung Galaxy line of devices are considered amongst the phablet range of devices which means that it has the capabilities of both a phone and a tablet. It can be said that the Galaxy note range of devices are quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy S models of phones and the specifications that has been officially released seem to show that the innards are also quite similar and similarities are very much noticeable specially the latest model Samsung’s Smart phone flagship the Galaxy S4.

galaxy note 3 specs

The specifications that have been officially confirmed can now be seen that they are quite similar to the ones that were predicted  and can be said that the officially released specifications are quite near to the rumored specifications. It seems that a full HD 10 80 x 9 20 high-resolution high pixel density display is all but confirmed and Galaxy note 3 also supports a 13 megapixel camera with the similar camera interface as the Galaxy S4.

As for the powerhouse of the device, it will be powered by an ARM 11 cortex processor capable enough to handle the most demanding applications with ease, without any sign of any lag or jitteriness. The device will ship with android 4.2.2 jellybean straight out of the box that is always a good thing. Another good thing about these Galaxy note line of Phablets is Samsung touch Wiz, which is a nice feature and includes amazing stuff as the dual application mode which means that you can two applications at the same time and you can work on both of the applications at the same time which incidentally makes great use of the extra screen real estate available to you and especially when the real estate is a gorgeous full HD high-resolution high pixel density screen.

So it seems that Samsung is keeping up with it’s policy of inundating the market with a plethora of devices and so will be the case with this as there will be a variance of Samsung Galaxy note 3 made available soon which might include Samsung Galaxy note zoom and active with various different capabilities such as higher megapixel cameras and additional software suites. All of these  specifications of the Samsung Galaxy note 3 make this phone one of the best in the category, and you would be hard pressed to find a better alternative to the Samsung Galaxy note 3.


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