Waterproof iPhone, iPad To Be A Reality Soon?

WaterProof iPhone?

The consumer electronics show 2012 came to an end last week. As per trend there were a host of companies flashing their upcoming merchandise, some looked promising while others were outlandish, some even to a point of being completely bizarre.

However a company by the name of HzO demonstrated waterproofing technology for electronic equipment that could render them impervious to water. And apparently their demonstration of a waterproof iPhone submerged in water caught Apple’s attention.

HzO, along with a few other companies were promoting their nano-particle molecular level water Repellent protective film technology that could, if picked up, could potentially find its way in every gadget that could find its way near water. According to the Rep:

The technology is designed to protect against failure due to jumping in a pool and forgetting your phone was in your pocket, or dropping your iPod in the sink while doing dishes, or getting caught in a torrid rain storm and getting soaked, or leaving your smartphone in your pants when they go through the wash

Officials of HzO said that Apple liked their demonstration of a waterproof iPhone submerged in water while still in working condition. The rep told that they were in talks with Apple and the “water-lock” technology could possibly find its way in Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 5. Similar talks are reported to be underway with Apple’s competitors such as Samsung and HTC.

While it still wouldn’t let you go scuba diving with your waterproof iPhone, but it should be good enough for prevention against accidental water damage, such as common water splashes or dropping in the pool.

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