Xbox Live App For iOS Released By Microsoft

Even though Microsoft is by no means great chums with Apple, however both players acknowledge each others clout in the technology sector and usually have to make their products compatible for one other, no matter how much they would like to keep their products as exclusive offerings. The Xbox live app for iOS has just been released today, just a couple of days after the live dashboard update was released for their popular gaming console the Xbox 360.

This Xbox live app for iOS has been cooked up by Microsoft so that it may run on all iOS platforms such as Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Simply titled My Xbox Live,  the app let’s you to access your Xbox live account from your iOS device.

xbox live app for ios

While it wont give you the ability to stream your games from your xbox and play them on your iPhone, no-matter how awesome that would be if it had that functionality, however you can access your profile and check out your friends lists, messages , access game data. Also you can make changes and edit your profile and your personal information and profile picture etc.

There’s also a social aspect in the Xbox live app for iOS as it let’s you see which of your friends are currently online and logged in to their Xbox live profile and you can check your messages if you have any.

The Xbox live app for iOS is available for free on app-store and is available for both the iPad and iPhone. The app for ipad is optimized to take advantage of the larger screen. So if you happen to have a x-box 360 you can grab this app for free and check it out for yourself.

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